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CR018: Various Artists – Northern Lines

  • 16 May 2023

Catch Recordings CR018: Various Artists – Northern Lines

The always-cultured Catch Recordings taps into fresh new sounds from label head NADSAT plus Hardacre, Annie Errez and Leoleoleo on the new Northern Lines EP. Between them, these new school UK tastemakers explore a forward-thinking mix of acid, techno, broken beat and minimal to make for another classy EP.

First up is Hardacre, who last appeared on this label as part of a VA release in 2021. His work exists at the intersection of myriad UK-centric sounds from breaks to rave to techno, all with a futuristic twist. He runs his own self-titled label and never compromises on sound. His 'Higher Level of Communication' is a punchy mix of sizzling acid lines and pristine breakbeats. It has raw old-school energy but also artful synth craft layering in real emotion. Then comes Nadsat aka Brett Osbourne, a producer known for his meticulous attention to detail and perfect sonic placement. He brings drama and drive to richly atmospheric and timeless tracks. His 'Crash 101' is an urgent cut that hurries you along on hunched but punchy kicks. Dusty drums are backlit by a meandering synth that brings a sense of mystery to this stripped-back bit of low-key techno excellence.

Leeds's Annie Errez is one of the UK's best-kept secrets - an accomplished DJ, Mint Club mainstay and regal at Europe's most clued-up clubs as well as a producer who draws on those experiences to cook club-ready dynamite for labels like Mosaic and Strobewax. She gets deep and gritty on the intriguing 'According to Daneeka.' It's a dusty, dubbed-out afterparty head twister with freaky synth sounds scattered about the mix over chugging drum funk. Last of all is Manchester-based Leoleoleo who brings a utopian view to ethereal club bangers and pensive but uplifting rollers that have so far had support from the likes of Sasha and Optimo. Here he lays down hefty kicks in broken but funky patterns and drops optimistic synth sequences over the top. As the energy builds, string flurries add an extra rush of dopamine as you reach for the lasers on a strobe-lit dance floor. Northern Lines is another high-quality dose of heady electronic sound.

1. Hardacre - Higher Level of Communication

2. Nadsat - Crash 101

3. Annie Errez - According to Daneeka

4. leoleoleo - Other Words for Jupiter

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