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David Sesti

Redefining high-end hospitality with the entourage group

  • Sergio Niño
  • 9 July 2024
David Sesti

David Sesti, the charismatic Director of The Entourage Group, leads a team that is not only transforming high-end hospitality in the Netherlands and beyond but is also infusing these unique spaces with a blend of creativity and passion. Knowing David personally, I can say that his journey from the shores of Lake Como to the pinnacle of hospitality success is nothing short of inspiring.

David and his team possess an exceptional talent for envisioning and experiencing the essence of the places he visits. I’ve observed them enter a space and instantly discuss its potential as if they already perceive the final outcome. The Entourage group ́s approach consistently honors local culture and heritage, skillfully integrating them with innovative ideas.


David’s journey began in his parent’s restaurant on Lake Como, where he was practically raised among diners and the vibrant buzz of hospitality. His stories about growing up there, watching old friends chat and play cards, paint a vivid picture of a childhood steeped in the essence of service and community.

After earning his Master’s degree in Barcelona, David’s path took a pivotal turn when he met Yossi Eliyahoo (a mentor to him) and Liran Wizman, the founders of The Entourage Group. The immediate connection they shared led him to his first role as General Manager of The Butcher’s speakeasy. Over the next two years, David’s talent and dedication saw him rise to Global Operations Manager of The Butcher, then Director of Nightlife, and finally, in January 2022, to Group Director. His rise within the company is a testament to his unwavering passion and the innovative spirit he brings to the table.

David often attributes The Entourage Group’s success to their meticulous attention to detail and relentless passion.

“The secret behind our unique identity and success in hospitality lies in our passion and attention to detail. In this industry, the pace is high 24/7 and every day presents unique challenges. I enjoy the constant excitement and innovative problem-solving that hospitality requires. It’s this dedication and meticulous attention to the guest experience that sets us apart”.

One of David’s greatest strengths is his ability to build and nurture a team.

I take the time to understand their strengths and develop their skills to overcome any weaknesses. I like to compare the team dynamic to a football team, where every player, from the goalkeeper to the striker, has a crucial role. At the end of the day, it’s teamwork and coordinated efforts that win the “game” of delivering exceptional experiences to our guests. He says.

This approach ensures that the coordinated efforts of his team result in exceptional guest experiences.

David is particularly excited about the Dine & Party trend and the growing popularity of electronic music festivals. Dine & Party allows guests to transition seamlessly from dining to nightlife within the same venue, offering a more integrated social experience. Meanwhile, the global expansion of electronic music festivals showcases a widespread enthusiasm for vibrant cultural experiences.


To keep The Entourage Group’s nightlife venues fresh and captivating, David emphasizes active engagement with guests.

“Listening to their needs and preferences allows us to continually enhance their experience", he explains.

David views music as an essential element in creating the perfect ambiance.

“I believe that the role of music in creating the perfect ambiance for our venues is an art form. You cannot simply copy and paste the same setup for each restaurant or club; each venue has its entity and expresses an entirely different look. Our DJs need to know how to recognize and accentuate these qualities and guide the guests on a tailored and memorable journey”.

“It’s an art form and each venue has its own unique identity that our DJs need to recognize and accentuate.”

This philosophy ensures that the music complements the atmosphere, guiding guests on a tailored and memorable journey which in turn carries our amazing surprises

“One of my most notable experiences from the nightlife was the time I received a call at midnight on a Tuesday that Leonardo Di Caprio was in Amsterdam and wanted to enjoy a burger from The Butcher. This unexpected request was only the beginning of an incredibly memorable week of unique experiences. Moments like these are a testament to the reputation of our venues, where endless unforgettable memories are made for our guests”.

Platforms like TikTok can catapult a venue to fame overnight, making it an indispensable tool for marketing and engagement. On this note, David addresses:

"Social media plays an indispensable role in the hospitality industry now. It is the driving force of marketing in our digital era, sometimes accounting for almost 90% of an entire business. Viral videos on platforms like TikTok have the power to launch restaurants and venues to fame overnight. It demonstrates the power that social media has right now and how vital it is to use it as a tool in our business, not only to increase brand visibility but to better connect with guests and stay relevant as the industry evolves."


For David, a truly memorable guest experience hinges on positive attitudes and exceptional service.

“You could make the best cocktail or cook the best dish,” he says, “but if your attitude is poor, the guest will never return.”

Genuine warmth, professionalism, and appreciation for the local culture are at the heart of The Entourage Group’s success. David ensures that each international location reflects local culture by respecting and learning about local customs. His ability to blend the group’s distinctive style with local preferences creates authentic and engaging experiences for guests.

“I prioritize respect and continual learning of the local customs and preferences and keeping at the same time our style and key features. I know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t exist. For example, At MR PORTER, Barcelona, 2 years ago I launched a monthly event called A Night With The Fox, it’s by far one of the most successful events in the city filled with locals, expats, and tourists”.

And speaking of MR PORTER, a new venture is coming up with that name on it

“One of the most exciting upcoming projects is our new venture opening in London Mayfair, MR PORTER, our modern steak house concept. I consider London to be the center of Hospitality, and launching MR PORTER there is incredibly fulfilling”.

David’s advice to young professionals is to start from the bottom and learn every aspect of the business. His journey from a dishwasher to a leading figure in hospitality taught him invaluable lessons.

“Don’t rush to the top,” he advises. “Take your time to learn and understand every aspect of the business, and when you get there, you’ll have a solid foundation for success.”

David Sesti’s leadership and vision are not just transforming high-end hospitality; they are creating unforgettable experiences that resonate with guests worldwide. His personal touch and unwavering dedication continue to set new standards in the industry, making The Entourage Group a beacon of innovation and excellence.