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Career Highlights Interview

  • Laura
  • 15 May 2024

The talented Producer DEARI has landed on the Electronic Music scene with a strong commitment, determination, and passion, positioning himself on an exciting path. Having only just begun his musical journey, DEARI is already making waves across the genre as he continues to build a production catalogue filled with high-quality tracks, such as his recent releases, ‘Falling’ and 'Feelin''. So today, we’re looking forward to being joined by DEARI to talk about his career so far, diving into some of his favourite moments and learning more about his musical goals.

Hi DEARI! How have you been?

I’ve been great, thank you! My first year of DEARI is going very well and I'm excited for what's to come.

How did you arrive at pursuing a career in Electronic music?

I've always written songs since I was a kid, as I used to play guitar, but as with a lot of people when you start clubbing you put the guitar down and start messing around on the decks. But making music seemed more natural to me than DJing. When COVID hit, I decided it was the best time to start full-on producing and I spent most of the lockdown making music.

The real catalyst for me taking it seriously was signing to Perfect Havoc last year. Adam gave me a chance to have my first release on his label and gave me confidence in my own music. Previously as with all artists you hear no a lot from labels so I owe a big thanks to Adam.

What are some of your early career milestones that have helped you grow as an artist and Producer?

The biggest milestone for any new artist is having consistent releases. Any time you get your music signed to a label it’s a sign that your music is good enough and that other people believe your music is good enough for them to invest their resources to promote it. To be able to have as many releases as I have in my first year and still more to come out is massive for me and I am excited for you all to hear my upcoming tracks!

Do you feel you have arrived at your sound with your releases? Or are you still evolving in your musical identity?

Yes and no, I feel my music has a certain sound. But I also hope I can keep evolving my sound in a similar style. All my songs sound similar and work well together but the latest release was more classical House than my usual sound. My favorite artists are ones with a catalogue that has variety but also cohesion through their work. I love vocal-driven House and I love Piano House so expect a lot more music that has a similar sound coming!

How do you stay inspired and continue to evolve your sound as an artist?

It’s still my first year as DEARI so I am full of inspiration thankfully. I am constantly trying to make different styles of House music and trying to create new sounds for my productions and push what I am doing in the studio. Luckily, I am massively enjoying this project and excited for what’s to come!

Can you discuss a specific project or track that you feel has had a significant impact on your career or artistic development?

Instead of a specific artist, I would actually say the biggest impact of shaping the style of House music I enjoy and make has been Selected, the YouTube channel that’s turned into one of the top labels in the industry. The mid to late 2010s when Selected had vocal and heavy bass Deep House was what shaped my tastes the most. I still listen to a lot of their old mixes. The songs sound dated to that time frame due to the sounds used but that style of Deep House is what I love the most and I feel if you listen to my songs, you can see I take heavy influence from these tracks.

Have there been any collaborations that have impacted your music career thus far?

I have a collaboration project with a local producer called Backhouse which is promising. We have our first release coming out on Perfect Havoc in July and a few finished songs under our belts. This again is a vocal-driven Piano House track, which I am very excited to share!

How does it feel to have your music garner support from a major DJs, like Don Diablo?

It's an amazing feeling. I remember coming home from the gym, and I got a notification that he played my music and had to double-check the notification as I didn’t expect Don Diablo to have ever listened to my music. I have seen him live a couple of times, so it adds to the excitement. Any time you get recognised by someone so high up in their career, you have to take it as a massive win. It's a real stamp of approval when big DJs play your music and hopefully, there is a lot more of it to come.

What are some of your prospective goals for your career in Electronic music?

My main goal at the moment is to keep putting out great music and growing my brand as a Producer/DJ. The music comes first, then everything after that. If I can keep putting out consistent solid releases the rest will come into place. I am chasing the dream of being a full-time musician at the moment and I am loving the journey!

As DEARI continues to maintain momentum, remaining on his current trajectory, we're sure that the talented Producer will continue carving an exciting journey full of promise and potential. So, as we reach the end of our interview, we thank DEARI for his time and eagerly look forward to seeing where his musical path takes him next. Make sure to stay up-to-date with DEARI by following him across social media.

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