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Creating house magic for the dancefloor

  • Sergio Niño
  • 24 April 2024

Nowadays few artists possess the magnetic allure and creative ingenuity of Easttown. From humble beginnings to international acclaim, Easttown’s journey epitomizes the transformative power of music. Blending influences from house and disco, he has crafted a unique identity that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Join us as we journey through the captivating world of Easttown’s music, exploring the depths of his creativity and the vibrancy of his sound. Prepare to be immersed in a sonic tapestry unlike any other, as we unravel the intricacies of his musical odyssey. Come, embark on this adventure with us, and discover the boundless possibilities of electronic music through the lens of Easttown’s unique vision. Dive into the full article below and let the music carry you away on a transformative journey of rhythm, melody, and emotion.

Easttown’s musical journey began with a spark ignited by his brother from those early days of experimentation to spinning tracks at local venues, Easttown’s passion for music has remained intact.

“It was my brother who started DJing first and it (of course) caught my interest. I was 14 at that time, learned how to DJ on my brother’s equipment and started playing at bars and school parties. I did not always like the music that I ‘had’ to play during this period but It challenged me to play tracks that I did like around the hits. It was actually a great way to learn how to read crowds and keep the people on the dance floor interested”.

A radio program introduced him to the soul-stirring sounds of house music, setting him on a path of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

“Some years later I was a bit lost in music, and didn’t know what to make and play until I was in the car, listening to a radio program called The Boom Room. Prunk and Chris Stussy were playing house music and it immediately triggered me. The enthusiasm never left me until now”.

Easttown would eventually come and play on that radio show and his then idols are now fellow artists who regularly use his tracks whilst playing.

“The episode was The Boom Room 143 (2017) by the way! It is still on Soundcloud for those who want to look it up”.


At the core of Easttown’s artistry lies a commit - ment to blending the old with the new, seamlessly weaving together elements of classic disco with contemporary house beats. His music transcends genre boundaries, inviting listeners on a sonic voyage that traverses time and space. With each release, Easttown endeavors to create immersive experiences that resonate not only on the dance floor but also in the hearts and minds of his audience. As he continues to evolve as an artist and expand his international presence, Easttown remains dedicated to fostering connections and spreading positivity through the universal lan - guage of music.

Unlike many artists, Easttown didn’t have a formal mentor in his early career. Instead, he embraced the journey of self-discovery, finding his own path as a DJ and producer. However, he acknowledges the influence of several artists who have left a profound impact on his musical identity. From Anotr and Chris Stussy to Kerri Chandler and Folamour, each artist has contributed to shaping Easttown’s sound, inspiring him to find his unique voice within the electronic music landscape.

“I didn’t really have a mentor or someone who helped me a lot in the beginning of my career. I think it’s actually not that bad because I learned and found out everything myself, which shaped me as a DJ and producer."

"There are for sure some DJs & producers whom I’ve been looking up to during my career. You get inspired, take bits from productions or DJ sets that catch your ears and take them with you on your journey to find your musical identity. As you can see, it’s a nice mixture of house and disco”.

Describing his sound as a fusion of old and new, Easttown’s music transports listeners on a journey through the realms of house and disco. His recent EPs, “Connected Through Music” and “Choices,” offer glimpses into the depth and versatility of his production style. While the former leans towards disco influences, the latter exudes a more housy vibe, showcasing the breadth of Easttown’s musical palette. With each release, he strives to create music that resonates with audiences both on and off the dance floor, emphasizing the importance of blending nostalgic elements with contemporary beats.

“I would describe my sound as a mixture floating somewhere between house and disco. I take elements from older disco records like ‘disco stabs’ and guitars and combine them with housy drums. I’m creating music for the dancefloor in most cases, but it’s always nice to hear that people are listening to it in the car, gym or at home. There are some records in my next EP on House Or Love that are nice to listen to outside of the club as well I think."

"I tried something different with the Connected Through Music EP. I think it has a lot more depth in it than people are used to from earlier releases. You can hear more layers and melodic elements in tracks like ‘Enhance’ or ‘Circle Of Influence’ than you will hear in my Choices EP for instance. I think the 2 EPs are perfectly showcasing the ends of my productions. The Connected Through Music EP is more towards disco and the Choices EP is more housy”.


Easttown’s career has been marked by significant milestones and unforgettable performances. Winning the Toffler Talents DJ contest served as a springboard for his rise, leading to a residency at Toffler and numerous opportunities to showcase his talent. Standout moments, such as a memorable 3-hour closing set in Badaboum, Paris, after Folamour, highlight the impact of his music on audiences worldwide. With upcoming gigs at prestigious festivals like Straf_Werk and Mysteryland, Easttown’s international presence continues to grow, solidifying his status as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

In the studio, Easttown draws inspiration from a variety of sources, from older disco records to new samples. His creative process involves meticulous sampling, layering, and experimentation, resulting in tracks that are tailor-made for the dance floor. When it comes to preparing for DJ sets, Easttown adopts a thoughtful approach, curating playlists while leaving room for spontaneity and improvisation. By connecting with the crowd and tapping into their energy, he aims to create memorable moments that transcend the boundaries of time and space.


One of the highlights of Easttown’s journey has been his collaboration with the renowned artist Folamour. From signing tracks to Folamour’s label House Of Love to sharing the stage at prestigious venues, their partnership has been instrumental in Easttown’s growth as an artist.

Folamour’s support and mentorship have provided invaluable guidance, pushing Easttown to explore new creative avenues and refine his craft. Their shared passion for music has forged a deep bond, leading to unforgettable moments that continue to inspire Easttown’s artistic journey.

“Folamour is an artist who has been inspiring me a lot through his DJ sets, tracks and presence. I was in the studio one day when I made this track called ‘Breeze’ which I thought he would like. I sent that track together with some others to A&R of his label. Some time later I got an Instagram DM from Folamour saying that he would like to sign those tracks. From that moment we started working on that EP. Folamour started testing it during sets such as the DGTL Festival in Amsterdam."

"We met there for the first time and he played ‘Enhance’ on the main stage… Such an amazing moment for me. I am still getting goosebumps when thinking of that moment. One year later, the EP, called Connected Through Music’, will finally be released on Folamour’s label House Of Love. Besides ‘Breeze’ and ‘Enhance’ it contains 2 other tracks, so 4 in total. Folamour definitely played an important role in the creation of this EP. He made me realize that the tracks could have more layers, so they would be more interesting. In the year that I have known Folamour and his team, they invited me twice to come play at a House Of Love night. In Basel and Paris. Both gigs were really special for me and I’m very thankful for Folamour’s support!”

As Easttown reflects on his past achievements and looks towards the future, one thing remains clear: his unwavering commitment to connecting people through music. With each release and performance, he seeks to inspire and uplift audiences, creating a sense of unity and shared experience on the dance floor. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Easttown’s journey serves as a testament to the power of music to transcend barriers and bring people together in celebration of life, love, and the universal language of rhythm and melody.

When it comes to Easttown, there’s something truly special about him as both a DJ and a person. You can tell right off the bat that he’s deeply passionate about music—it’s like it runs in his veins. From the moment he started DJing at local spots and school parties, you could sense that there was something more to him than just spinning tracks. It’s like he’s on a mission to share his love for music with the world.

But what really stands out about Easttown is his commitment to his craft. He’s not just about playing the hits or following the latest trends— he’s all about authenticity. You can hear it in his music and see it in his performances. Every beat, every melody—it’s all a reflection of who he is as an artist and a person.

And let me tell you, when Easttown gets behind the decks, it’s more than just a DJ set—it’s an experience. He has this incredible ability to connect with his audience, to create these moments that you’ll remember long after the music stops. Whether he’s playing to a packed club or a festival crowd, he brings this energy that’s infectious, that draws you in and makes you feel like you’re part of something special.

But what I admire most about Easttown is his drive to keep growing, to keep pushing himself to new heights. He’s not content to just rest on his laurels—he’s always looking for ways to evolve, to challenge himself creatively. And you can see it paying off in his music, in the way he continues to push boundaries and defy expectations.

So yeah, when it comes to Easttown, there’s no denying that he’s something truly special. He’s not just a DJ—he’s an artist, a visionary, and above all, a genuine soul who’s making his mark on the world, one pulsating beat at a time.

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