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  • Sergio Niño
  • 14 March 2024

Fordal's journey through the realms of electronic music, from his early influences rooted in the sounds of iconic figures like Sasha and John Digweed to his current standing as a co-owner of Forensic Records, is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for the Progressive House scene. His background, steeped in the rich musical heritage of artists like Jimmy Hendrix and Rod Stewart, serves as a strong foundation for his artistic endeavors.

Having graced the decks of esteemed venues such as Turnmills, Ministry of Sound, and EGG London, Fordal's connection with club culture runs deep, shaping both his performances and his productions. His transition from the dancefloor to the studio has yielded a growing catalog of releases on Forensic Records, with his latest track 'Alleviate' making waves in the Progressive House scene, topping charts and earning accolades on Beatport.

With collaborations with renowned artists like Lexicon Avenue and remixes from talents like Luis Damora, Fordal's musical journey is marked by a commitment to authenticity and a boundless exploration of sound. As we talk during this interview, he continues to carve out his path in the electronic music landscape, Fordal remains as a safekeeper of creativity and innovation within the industry.

About his new track “Alleviate”

"Alleviate" is a track that seamlessly blends warmth with melancholy, escalating to exhilarating heights at its peak. I wanted to make a track with a warm melancholic vibe that got super nasty. I stumbled across the sound for the nasty synth and just set about writing the track there and then. Once I had the vocals down everything really came together."

It's this fusion of emotion and energy that has resonated deeply with listeners, propelling the track to the forefront of the genre.Collaborating with Luis Damora for the remix added an exciting new dimension to the release.

"Both myself and the label are huge fans of what Luis has been doing for a long time. He recently released on Forensic with his own release, so I was very excited to get him on board as I knew he would give a completely fresh interpretation of the song – which he did! I was super pleased with his remix."

Progressive house, is a genre renowned for its emotive melodies, hypnotic rhythms, and expansive soundscapes. Fordal's perspective on its defining characteristics and how these elements shape his own productions and releases on Forensic Records turned out to be not only fascinating but also very inspiring.

"At the core of a great progressive house track lies an intricate heavy groove. It's the heartbeat of the composition, driving the momentum forward and captivating listeners with its pulsating rhythm."

As listeners embark on the journey presented in Fordal's DJ mix compilation, they are invited to immerse themselves in a world of pulsating rhythms, emotive melodies, and boundless creativity. From the euphoric highs of the dancefloor to the introspective moments of reflection, Fordal's mix serves as a testament to the enduring power of electronic music to unite and inspire. Watch out for this compilation later in the year—it promises to be a journey unlike any other.

“So the mix DJ mix came about as I was putting the finishing touches to the ‘Alleviate’ project, essentially it’s a compilation of what I was playing and listening to during that period right up to now. It also is a pretty good representation of my style of DJing. Blending many sub genres together to create a balance of progressive and melodic across techno and house music. Including elements of deep and Afro house too. Once my original version and Luis’s remix of Alleviate were mastered and ready it only felt natural to include both versions in my mix compilation. Also included in the mix are some Forensic Records’ gems and a brand new track of mine that is still unsigned; a track I’m really excited about, literally being finished at the same time as Alleviate. Watch out for this later in the year. “

This emphasis on groove underscores the genre's roots in the dancefloor, where the infectious energy of a well-crafted groove can elevate the collective experience to new heights.

As a co-owner of Forensic Records, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the label's direction, Fordal gave us some insight into the label's future plans and how his visión will be evolving in the coming years.

“Ok so I can give a big reveal: Chris (Scott, label co-owner and legendary producer Lexicon Avenue) and I are launching a new sublabel which is shaping up to be pretty special. The name is being kept under wraps for now but we’re all very excited”.

“As for the main label it’s just a case of keep doing what we’ve always done, seek out the talent that we love and give them a platform to be creative and do what they do best. The next release is Keltik & Dave Walker – El Verano which includes a killer remix from my label partner in crime – Lexicon Avenue. Released March 15th on Beatport”.

Managing a record label like Forensic Records is a multifaceted endeavor from selecting and trying the tracks on the dancefloor to the releases the process takes more than time and commitment cause it's ultimately ultimately a labor of love.

"The feeling I get from DJing tracks is a crucial aspect of the label decision-making process. A track has to feel right in the context of a set for me to give it the green light."

From his formative years owning the iconic Binary Records store to his current role as co-owner of Forensic Records, Fordal's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, collaboration, and dedication.

Reflecting on his tenure at Binary Records, Fordal fondly recalls the heyday of music discovery and the palpable thrill of unboxing new vinyl.

"Those were fantastic times in a wonderful era for music. It’s still such a big part of me and the love I feel for music. I guess I’m always trying to recapture the tingles I used to feel from seeing an exciting new record come in the post."

This deep-seated reverence for music, cultivated amidst the vibrant energy of Binary Records, continues to shape Fordal's approach to curating releases for Forensic Records.

When queried about the ethos of Binary Records permeating Forensic, Fordal underscores the shared mission of crafting musical magic.

"I guess to really believe we're in the business of creating the same magic that we used to feel when we were looking at new tracks. The physical product may not be there all the time, but the endeavor is the same: our business is to make people happy."

Navigating the delicate balance between honoring progressive house's rich heritage and embracing innovation is a nuanced dance for Fordal.

"It’s effortless really, it just happens. When you’ve been listening to music as long as we have it’s burnt into your soul. The music we love naturally sits in that crossover of the progressive legacy and the cutting edge."

This intuitive understanding of the genre is on par with Forensic's meticulous selection process, ensuring that each release encapsulates the essence of progressive house while pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Some wise words to everyone who dares to dream

For aspiring producers and DJs, Fordal's advice transcends mere industry wisdom—it's a manifesto for unwavering dedication.

"Self-belief and hard work. You’ve got to live and breathe it and all aspects, from DJing to producing to actually being on the ground and in the clubs. And of course, you have to love it."

Steadfast commitment to the craft has been the cornerstone of Fordal's own journey, a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. Collaboration, in both its creative and strategic forms, has been a defining element of Fordal's career trajectory.

"Pick the right dance partner with a similar vision as your own. If there is love and respect there great things will happen."

Whether in the studio or in the boardroom of Forensic Records, Fordal underscores the importance of aligning with kindred spirits to achieve shared aspirations and elevate the collective vision. Looking to the horizon, Fordal's aspirations are rooted in a profound desire to create music that resonates on a soul-deep level.

"I guess my main goals are simply to make music that people who I admire and respect appreciate and enjoy. I can tell you that someone like John Digweed playing Alleviate like he did last week means way more than all the sales and charting. I just want to make music that people love."

With Forensic Records as his vessel, Fordal seeks to leave a lasting legacy of music that transcends mere charts and sales figures, focusing instead on the indelible impact it leaves on listeners and fellow artists alike. As he continues to navigate the ever-shifting tides of progressive house, Fordal remains steadfast in his commitment to craft, propelled by an unyielding passion for music that knows no bounds.

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