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Joyhauser deliver peak time techno EP 'Hardcore Rabbit' for Filth On Acid!

Out NOW!

  • Laura
  • 30 January 2024

Belgian-based powerhouses Joyhauser are back on Filth on Acid with new 3-track EP 'Hardcore Rabbit'. It is a peak-time spectacle that is sure to take dancers on a journey through the unique Filth on Acid sound, and comes after the dynamic techno duo have dropped several big tunes on the likes of Terminal M, Second State and Drumcode.

'Hardcore Rabbit' is all machine gun lasers and warped bass lines over big, raw drums that never let up. 'Dexo' brings some rolling basslines which sweep aside everything in their way as the trance like synths brighten up the mix and get the emotions flowing.

Lastly, 'Blood on the Floor' has rising sirens that bring some real tension next to the sweeping synth filters. The drums are edgy and hard and the whole track is designed for maximum destruction in the club.

Joyhauser - Hardcore Rabbit
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