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Kaleidoscope Festival

Watamu Kenya, WTF!

  • Matt Swallow & Jan Langer
  • 27 February 2024
Kaleidoscope Festival

The URL for Kaleidoscope Festival says it all: WTF is happening in Watamu on the North Coast of Kenya!? Now in its 4th Year, the Festival is a 3 day journey into the unexpected, heralding the Kenyan Coast as a wild new territory for Electronic Music Culture. Set on the banks of the Watamu Creek National Park, at a truly seminal, leave all preconceptions behind and immerse yourself in the myriad of stories woven by a team with a fresh take on festival experiences.

About Kaleidoscope Festival

Set within the tropical Arcadia of Watamu, Kaleidoscope Festival champions the fast rising sounds of the Kenyan Electronic Music Scene, uniting the most celebrated acts of East and South Africa, with the global underground rhythms of Europe. Curated to forge a unity of inquisitive minds, Kaleidoscopians are called to suspend their typical concept of Time; to immerse themselves in the Curiosity of Life and Nature across 6 mind-bending stages.

Dates and Location

From March 1st to March 3rd, 2024, Kaleidoscope Festival will erupt into a cacophony of wild sensory experiences at Temple Point Resort in Watamu, on the North Coast of Kenya. Situated where the Indian Ocean meets the Mida Creek National Park, this unique location sets the stage amidst nature for the festival’s boldest statement of art and culture to date.

International Headliners
Awen (live)
Rampue (live)
Animal Trainer
Floyd Lavine

Local Headliners
Dylan S
Tina Ardor

Nature Is Our Stage

Kenya’s top creative designers have come together to develop six stages and multiple art installations that weave a journey through the unexpected. The story begins at The Life Stage where Techno and 3D mapping meet amidst the smoke and lasers of the Bazaar Court-Yard.

Dance with thousands of butterflies in the mists of the Botanical Butterfly Dome, en-route to The Time Stage. Programmed with the very best in African Electronic Sounds, where the dance-floor rests above the creek and below a UV playground in the trees; The Time Stage will distort your sense of reality as you climb into the bosom of the Baobab Tree, and allow yourself to feel a different sense of freedom among the sounds of Kaleidoscope.

Need to take some time out from the mayhem or jump right into it? Satisfy your sense of the curious in an exploration of The Curious Temple; an immersive experience reflecting on the passage of life, built behind a centuries old Swahili monument at the mouth of The Mida Creek.

Resting at the opposite end of the property, The Nature Stage is set as an intimate dance floor amidst the mangroves of the iconic Lichthaus Bar. Meet us ‘Where the Sundrops’, dive into the creek from hanging nets, and get sexy with an intimate curation of House and Disco.

Launching from the Lichthaus pier, those lucky enough to have caught tickets in time, will be able to ride the epic floating dance-floor that is the Kaleidoscope Dhow Rave. A flotilla of traditional merchant Swahili Dhows, repurposed for you to dance on deck in front of a sunset you will never forget and return to shore wideeyed.

And for the late night techno crew, Kaleidoscope has developed The Rave Cave, modeled on the underground parties that were the origins of the dance music scene, this stage acts as a final stop for ravers to dance out their last drop of sweat, or to solve the problems of the universe with new found friends.

Beyond Music: A Multifaceted Experience

Kaleidoscope Festival is a culture unto itself, celebrating the wonder of life in Kenya. From the timeless scenery to the culinary treasures across the resort, Kaleidoscope asks you to step into its world, its rhythm, its heartbeat. Eat and drink with friends old and new, become a part of the art exhibition with an expression of self love from the treasures at the local boutiques, to the talented tattoo artists set beside the stages. Unite with nature with Yoga Sessions and let yourself go for a weekend that you deserve. The team of this festival deeply cares for you to discover surprises, meet people and have a genuine human experience. For those who have never been to Kenya, you have no idea what will hit you!

Join Us at Kaleidoscope Festival

Book your tickets quickly not to miss out on something you may never catch again! Otherwise, watch the stories with a tear in the eye, but be sure not to make the same mistake again. You have the opportunity to be a central part of the next generation of festival culture, do the right thing and join us you sexy beasts!

For more information and ticket purchases, visit Kaleidoscope Festival's official website.

Kaleidoscope Festival - Nature is Our Stage

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