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Len Faki presents 'Hardspace' moniker and Vol. 1 album

  • Laura
  • 3 November 2023
Len Faki presents 'Hardspace' moniker and Vol. 1 album

Len Faki recently put out his mammoth LP Fusion, but his new moniker Hardspace finds him harking back to his signature style of specifically editing tracks for his personal club usage.

Working on the album may have helped open him up creatively, but this new project has him investing countless hours and a lot of passion into building the most efficient club tracks imaginable.

Long-time fans of Faki know that he's always edited all of his sets' tracks to uniquely suit his personal mixing style, making his sets sound as tight and cohesive in a way that stands out from the rest. Decades of experience as a producer and DJ for the dancefloor have gone into these edits, re-arranging and re-mixing sometimes forgotten tracks for a new audience. Incorporating his singular understanding of frequencies and floor dynamics, Hardspace is meant to express this side of his musical personality, while Len Faki will continue to explore a more varied approach to producing.

Swapping a lot of weekends away busily touring for much more studio time, the result marks both a technical and also personal achievement for Faki. Improved production skills, tears and emotions all have been poured into Hardspace, which will see a slew of releases in the forthcoming months

The first volume includes a total of six reworks, both previously unreleased tools of colleague Viers or Helena Hauff's modern acid chug, as well as some 90's classics from Perry & Rbodao, Resist 101 and Ectomorph. All of these tunes have been meticulously pieced together to keep the originals' flavor and ideas, but infuse them with the undeniable power and presence that all Faki productions have come to hold.

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