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A journey through passion, persistence, and genre exploration

  • Sergio Niño
  • 22 April 2024

Every artist’s journey is a symphony of constant discovery; a fusion of inspiration, perseverance, and an insatiable thirst for exploration. For Moxes, his voyage into this vibrant universe commenced in the year 2016, when fate guided him to the threshold of Paradigm—a place where raving culture made him fall in love with electronic music.

It was within the dimly lit confines of Paradigm that Moxes experienced a profound awakening, Here, amidst a sea of ecstatic dancers and pulsating lights, Moxes found himself entranced by the transformative power of music—an energy that coursed through his veins and ignited a fiery passion within his soul.

“After experiencing Paradigm for the very first time, I was captivated. The energy, the freedom; I had never felt anything like it before”.

Despite an initial setback of food poisoning, Moxes’ resolve remained unshaken, and he returned to Paradigm weeks later for the Loodsrave edition, a decision that would alter the course of his life forever.

“The Loodsrave event introduced me to the essence of raving culture. It was a revelation; An immersive journey into a world of boundless creativity and uninhibited expression”.

Surrounded by like-minded souls and fueled by the collective euphoria of the dancefloor, Moxes felt an indescribable sense of belonging; a feeling that resonated deep within his being and ignited a desire to become an integral part of this vibrant community.

It was amidst the pulsating energy of Paradigm that Moxes first witnessed Nathan Homan—a seasoned DJ whose command of the decks left an indelible impression on Moxes’ psyche.

“I was awestruck by Nathan’s performance. The way he seamlessly blended tracks and captivated the crowd; it was pure magic. At that moment, I knew I wanted to do the same”.

Determined to embark on his own musical journey, Moxes wasted no time in acquiring the tools of the trade.

“I entered a hermit period. It was just me, my room, and my DJ setup. I spent hours lost in the music, experimenting with beats and melodies, and honing my craft with each passing day”.

As Moxes’ skills flourished he took his first tentative steps into the world of live performance, securing a gig at Club Hemingway in Leeuwarden; a milestone that marked the beginning of his ascent as a DJ. However, fate intervened once again when Moxes was struck down by a sudden health crisis, an experience that forced him to confront his mortality and reassess his priorities.

“Unfortunately, a week later I had to be rushed to the hospital. I was nonresponsive, and my vitals were almost gone. I found out I had diabetes. This neardeath experience made me realize that I had to move to Groningen. So I did in April, 2018 and this is when my DJ journey really started”.

Reflecting on his musical journey, through techno and hardgroove, and eventually settling in house music. Moxes shared with us:

“I started with techno. It was the most obvious one, it’s fun, it goes hard. I played techno at my first gig. But you can’t always play techno, it’s for very specific situations. It’s kind of a mood killer on a relaxing sunday, sipping on a mimosa. So this forced me to branch out, because I wanted to be able to play at any moment”.

Determined to expand his sonic repertoire and cater to a broader range of musical moods, Moxes embarked on a quest for musical diversity—a journey that would ultimately lead him back to his roots.

“At home, we always had music on. My dad was a drummer and listened to a lot of rock. My mom listened to R’n’B, disco, and soul”.

It was this eclectic musical upbringing that planted the seeds of Moxes’ passion for diverse genres—a passion that would come to define his artistic iden55tity

Turning his attention to disco, Moxes found himself drawn to its infectious grooves and nostalgic charm.

“From techno, I turned to something familiar, disco. I started getting gigs. It was a lot of fun until I got bored. I got so familiar with mixing disco, I could do it with closed eyes. I was missing something, but didn’t know what it was”.


In the spring of 2022, Moxes found himself at Vault Sessions—a transformative experience that would serve as a turning point in his musical journey.

“This is where I found my missing link,” he reflects

“The way the DJs were using the tracks, the layering, the building; it was precisely what I was missing. That’s when I realized there is not a single genre that I want to stick to. And that’s how I ended up playing house. House is so broad and fluid, it can be slow, or have a high bpm; minimalist or minimalistic; soft or hard. House goes wherever it wants to, and that is the definition of music”.

Transitioning between genres can be a daunting task. However, for Moxes, the support of his peers and mentors has served as a guiding light. One pivotal moment came when Relate Radio extended an invitation for Moxes to play a set on their show, marking his transition from techno and disco to house music.

Despite initial setbacks and self-doubt, the encouragement and guidance offered by Cora Ziengs—a well-known DJ and organizer going by the name Coco Coquelicot; proved to be instrumental in Moxes’ growth as an artist.

“After a particularly rough set, Cora saw the potential in me and offered her support. Her mentorship not only helped me refine my skills but also gave me the confidence to pursue new opportunities in the house music scene”.

Similarly, invitations from IIWII, Relate Radio and Zeven to become a resident DJ, F_ake to play a closing set underscored the trust and belief that others had in Moxes’ artistic vision. These gestures of support not only validated his creative endeavors but also provided him with the platform to showcase his talents to a wider audience.


Yet, the path to artistic growth is seldom smooth, and Moxes’ journey was no exception. One particularly tumultuous period came during Moxes’ participation in Hit the North—a talent programaimed at nurturing emerging artists.

“During coaching sessions with Darko Esser who is a well-known (inter)national DJ/Producer who goes by the name Tripeo, I struggled with the pressure to conform to a specific genre at some point. I felt trapped, unsure of where I belonged in the musical landscape”.

Amidst the challenges and uncertainties, there were moments of profound breakthrough instances where Moxes’ perseverance and passion for music shone brightest. The realization that he need not adhere to any predefined notions of genre opened the floodgates of creativity, allowing him to explore new sonic territories and embrace the full spectrum of electronic music.

“Through the support of my peers and mentors, I discovered the freedom to follow my instincts and pursue what truly makes me happy. It was a transformative journey; one that ultimately led me to embrace the fluidity of house music and find my own unique voice as an artist”.

Embracing the fluidity and versatility of house music, Moxes discovered a genre that resonated deeply with his eclectic sensibilities. The realization that house music transcends genre boundaries and embraces diversity dawned upon him through hours of honing his craft within various musical realms.

“With all the hours I made, within the respective genres, I learned to read the dance floor pretty well. It’s all about giving them what they need at that moment. It’s about the dance floor, not me”.

This mindset of prioritizing the audience’s experience over rigid genre constraints has fundamentally shaped his creative process and approach to music. Now, He encourages aspiring DJs and producers to step outside their comfort zones, emphasizing the importance of exploration and growth.

“See it like going to school. You might be switching buildings, getting new information, and evolving how you think, but you are still you. Just with more content”.

For Moxes, the evolution of sound is not just about experimentation but also about staying true to one’s artistic vision. He believes that continuous evolution and experimentation are essential for artists to remain relevant and inspired.

“Don’t keep yourself from seeing what the world has to offer. Open up, and let it all in. And most importantly; don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas”.

In his own performances and productions, Moxes seamlessly blends different genres, creating a unique sonic identity that resonates with audiences.

“The dance floor is my formula,” he explains. “I know what my weaknesses are but also what my strong points are”.

Audience feedback plays a crucial role in shaping Moxes’ creative direction, influencing the decisions he makes in shaping future projects and collaborations.

“Just do it!” Moxes urges.

“What’s the worst that can happen? Your career is not only about all the high points. If you try something new, and you see that the response isn’t great, just switch back and take another approach. Never forget the experience you have gained because of that”.

With upcoming projects and collaborations that promise to surprise and delight audiences. From house to progressive house, Moxes continues to defy expectations, embracing the fluidity of music and the endless possibilities it presents.

“Coming gigs are mostly house, progressive house, and it also really depends on the event. Some events are open to experimental play, others would rather stick to one genre. However, one thing stays consistent, and that is that I always surprise myself”.

From Spades on April 21st to Paradigm on April 26th, and then Die Rakete on June 1st, followed by Tuinfeest//Mixmag on June 1st, each performance promises a unique sonic experience that defies expectations.

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Moxes finds pride in the growth and evolution he has experienced as a DJ and producer. Playing at renowned venues like Kopjek and Oost, and securing future gigs at Paradigm, mark significant milestones in his career.

"This is the holy trinity of the north,” Moxes remarks.

“It’s full circle for me at this point. I am getting recognition for the steps I made, and that feels good. It also means that I am heading the right way."

Yet, beyond the accolades and achievements, Moxes holds his self-confidence as his most prized accomplishment.

"The thing I am most proud of is the self-confidence I have built and nurtured. Even when I was thinking of quitting DJing altogether, I still persisted. I have never given up on myself”.

As Moxes’ journey continues to unfold, each chapter reveals a new layer of musical discovery and personal growth. From his humble beginnings as a bedroom DJ to his emergence as a rising star on the electronic music circuit, Moxes’ story is a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in the magic of music. And as he sets his sights on the horizon, Moxes remains steadfast in his commitment to push the boundaries of sonic exploration and share his love of music with the world.

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