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Olive Anguz

A journey through music and creativity

  • Sergio Niño
  • 21 March 2024
Olive Anguz

Growing up with a rich background of dutch, french, russian, and british roots, Olive Anguz’s multicultural upbringing has left an indelible mark on her music and her perspective on life and creativity. In a candid reflection, Olive shares how her diverse heritage has shaped her artistic journey and her approach to music.

“My upbringing and roots have given me an open-minded and curious nature,” Olive begins. “This curiosity pulls me towards music of every genre.”

From Classical to hip-hop, jazz to house, Olive’s musical tastes know no bounds, although her great love remains Techno with a capital ‘T’.

“My perspective towards life contributes to my creative process,” she adds. “I don’t like to think in boxes. If you tell me something can’t be done, I am going to try and find a way for it to work.”

With a family deeply ingrained in festival organizing, Olive gained unique insights into the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music industry.

“This industry is built on passion. There are those who build up the festivals, not for financial gain, but out of a genuine love for creating something beautiful.”

However, Olive is also keenly aware of the industry’s harsh realities, marked by politics and competition.

“DJ’s need to work very hard to realize their dream,” she acknowledges.

Growing up amidst the energy of Amsterdam’s Multigroove raves, Olive found herself immersed in the pulsating heart of electronic music culture.

“Multigroove were not only my first raves but also the first raves in Amsterdam during the illegal period,” Olive recalls.

The raw authenticity and passion of those early raves continue to inspire Olive’s approach to music.

“Because of Multigroove’s wide range in rave style, I learned from all these influences and integrate this into my sets,”. As a DJ with a diverse range of influences, including luminaries like Nina Kraviz and Paul Kalkbrenner, Olive blends different sounds and styles into her own unique musical expression. “I love playing whatever I feel like playing. I usually don’t stick to one type of techno; it tends to vary.”

Olive’s ability to seamlessly weave together disparate elements reflects her fluid approach to music and her ongoing journey of exploration and growth


For Olive Anguz, techno music isn’t just a genre; it’s a spiritual experience that transcends boundaries and connects souls on a profound level.

“First off, I love electronic music. Techno woke something up in me.”

She vividly recalls her first Awakenings experience, where the pulsating beats of Reiner Zonneveld’s set ignited a transformative journey.

“I can only describe this experience as a kind of trance,” she reminisces. “Timelessness. Weightlessness. Connectedness. No better feeling. I was hooked.”

When it comes to her sets, Olive infuses a diverse array of techno elements, from Acid Techno to Industrial Techno, and Hard Techno with melody.

“I love mixing different kinds of techno together,” she explains. “It’s about capturing that collective flow, that energy that unites us all on the dance floor.”

Looking ahead to her upcoming releases, Olive shares insights into the themes and concepts behind her music.

“My upcoming releases are a blend of techno, acid, and the old-school feeling,” she reveals. From a cover of the ‘90s classic Higher State Of Consciousness” to an ode to Acid with “Acid, Bassline,” Olive’s tracks resonate with nostalgia and emotion.

“I love the old school sound, but I also love the new sound,” she says. “It’s about capturing that euphoric feeling and bringing it to my generation.”

Beyond the music itself, Olive draws inspiration from non-musical influences and experiences. “Inspiration is all about perspective,” she reflects. “I tend to get inspired by the little things—the feeling of connecting with friends, the beauty of nature.”

These experiences, she believes, shape her artistic journey and infuse her music with depth and meaning.

As an Amsterdam-based DJ, Olive is deeply influenced by the city’s vibrant electronic music scene.

“There is a HUGE techno scene here in Amsterdam,” she enthuses.

From iconic events like Awakenings to intimate underground gems like Lofi, the city offers a diverse range of musical experiences.

“It’s a culture-friendly city that generates creativity and acceptance,” Olive observes. “We are all there for one thing: for the love of music.”

Olive’s journey through techno music is not just about beats and rhythms; it’s about connection, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of passion.

Reflecting on her upcoming gigs, Olive expresses particular excitement about her set at Lofi, a venue she considers her “old stomping ground” in Amsterdam.

“Lofi was my home away from home when I first started partying in Amsterdam,” she recalls fondly. “It’s a place that holds a special significance for me, and I’m really looking forward to returning.”

Another standout event on Olive’s calendar is her set for Mixmag, a prestigious platform that showcases top talent in the electronic music scene.

“It is an honor to be playing this gig,” Olive remarks, highlighting the professional milestone that this opportunity represents. When it comes to crafting her DJ sets, Olive approaches the art of storytelling with intention and creativity.

“Sometimes when preparing my set, I imagine the heartbeat—the life force of the body—as it begins to dance,” she explains. “I like to build up the energy gradually, creating moments of connection, love, and emotion.”

Olive’s sets often reflect themes of struggle and resilience, mirroring the challenges faced by her generation in navigating the complexities of modern life.

Looking towards the future, Olive shares her dreams and aspirations as a DJ and electronic music artist.

“I would love to play at Awakenings and Tomorrowland,” she reveals.

Olive also harbors a fantasy of doing a b2b set with renowned artists like Nina Kraviz and Reiner Zonneveld, whose energy and creativity inspire her.

Beyond the bright lights and packed dance floors, Olive hopes to leave behind a legacy of connection and community through her music and artistry.

“I hope to be a part of the service which music brings to the world. I want to produce music that transforms into magical memories for people, bringing them into the moment and leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.”

As Olive looks towards the future with excitement and anticipation, she remains committed to staying true to herself and her passion for music.

“I want to fully enjoy the moments on the dance floor, whether I’m behind the decks or dancing in the crowd. For me, it’s about being part of the love and connectedness that the techno scene brings to the world.”

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