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Purple Disco Mountains

Purple Disco Machine, Dam Swindle, Adam Nova

  • Laura
  • 2 May 2024
Purple Disco Mountains


Back in March, the Mixmag Germany team embarked on a journey from Geneva to the Swiss Alps. We marveled at the stunning views of the vast lake and the charming countryside that unfolded before us as we ascended by gondola to the lofty heights of the snow-covered mountains in one of the world’s most beautiful ski resorts, Verbier, Switzerland.

Our mission?

To put on the first-ever Mixmag LAB Verbier; an electrifying party nestled in a secret location amidst the breathtaking scenery of the 4 Vallées ski area.

But this LAB session was different. Brought to life with Don Julio tequila as part of the “Por Amor Weekender” this was a celebration of those who bring their passion, dedication & fire to music. And so, despite the distinct mountain chill and a DJ booth sculpted from ice, the party was anything but chilled.

We found ourselves immersed in an electrifying gathering, with Purple Disco Machine taking center stage in the DJ ice booth. Surrounded by fellow music lovers and the inspiring view of the mountainside, we surrendered to the rhythm, letting the music carry us as Don Julio Palomas flowed.

After the show, we had the incredible opportunity to catch up with Tino (PDM), we found a cozy spot in the snow and reflected on the unforgettable set we had just witnessed.

“I was excited because I’d never done this. I’d never played in the snow, and I mean, the view was amazing. It was freezing cold; colder than I’d expected. But there was a great energy, even in this temperature everyone enjoyed it, and it was a great vibe.”

He described the set as a memorable experience, noting the opportunity to test out new tracks after a nine-week hiatus from performing.

“Everyone had a nice time. I enjoyed it, and I got to play some new stuff… It’s the first show since 8… No, it’s been 9 weeks, I came to try some new things and it was pretty cool.”

Understanding the time it takes oneself to recharge is extremely important, and for Tino, it’s a routine that not only allows him to prepare for what’s coming but also to spend time with the people he loves—something we all should do.

“So, every year I take December, January, and February off. My last show was New Year’s Eve, and I haven’t played since then. For me, it’s quite important to take every year off to recharge my battery, to take care of my family, and to think about the new year, what we can do better, what we should change, and what’s going on just to rethink all the plans. I need to take a step back and start again.”

Reflecting on the challenges of juggling family life with a demanding touring schedule, Tino emphasized the need to find a balance and cherish moments both on and off stage.

“In the beginning, I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be possible to combine a private life and being on the road because 10 years ago I only saw DJs constantly touring and I thought OK the only chance to be successful or to stay successful on a high level is just to tour around the world constantly.”

“Then, I realized that for me, it helps a lot if I take bigger breaks just to calm down. Also, my family knows me; I don’t think I’m the biggest thing in the world. If you just go on tour and sleep in five-star hotels and everyone takes care of you, you start thinking you’re the biggest guy in the world. This is a big problem. When I go back to my family, I live a normal life, I have to address normal problems; I’m a regular guy. My friends have been the same for the last 20 years. So, I have a normal life when I’m at home. It’s important for me to stay grounded.”

Despite his success, he remains grounded, acknowledging the pitfalls of ego and the transient nature of fame in the music industry.

“That’s so important, especially when you grow older, and you learn a lot about the business. I still see all these kids; they just blow up and get crazy and act like they’re superstars and two years later they’re gone. I think staying humble and not taking yourself too seriously is good advice. If you think you’re bigger than your music, your career is over. So, I try to stay humble and don’t think that I’m bigger than my music. For me, it’s all about my music.”

A recurring theme in our conversation was the importance of authenticity and staying true to yourself in music. We asked Tino about this new Don Julio adventure, the “Por Amor Weekender” whose central theme is following your heart and how this relates to him and the music he makes.

“This is the most important advice, just follow your heart. Everyone is just trying to be someone, trying to pretend to be someone. I think it’s not easy nowadays to follow your heart or follow your gut feelings. It’s so important to be yourself.”

“I mean right now the 90s are back, so everyone is going back to the 90s, everyone is playing 140 BPMS. For me, it is so important to follow your heart because you do what you want and love to do. Just do it for yourself and not for everybody else.”

On this note we jumped into social media and how it feels to have grown up in a generation where it just didn’t matter.

“I´m part of a generation that grew up without social media, so for me, I know I can take the best parts of it, for me it’s a positive thing.”

“Social media is just 100% to promote my music. It’s not to promote myself. I wouldn’t post things about my private life, my family, or my kids. I mean it’s fine if people want to do that, but I think it’s dangerous and it’s difficult for personalities…”

“I mean I check other profiles, I check musicians I like on Instagram. I’m addicted to it. It’s a problem and I know how many hours I spend doing this.”

There is a fine line between the real world and online life.

“So, you pretend you have a great life, and people watching it feel worse because they start thinking why he’s always traveling, why he’s got this and that, you take the energy from the people who see your profile just to feel better, and I don’t know if this is a good thing.”

Tino’s commitment to authenticity is reflected in his evolving sound, and it was with this in mind he premiered a track at Mixmag LAB Verbier.

“The track I made with Roosevelt is really special because I like him as a person, and I like his music. We’re both Germans, so we’ve known each other for many years. It was cool to finally work on a track together, but it took us a while.”

“I think we have been working on this song for about two and a half years and to be able to play it now feels so great. I was so happy to play the track and see the reaction of the crowd for the very first time. I just can’t wait to play this song again. For me as a DJ, it’s important to test tracks to see the reaction and that’s is the reason why I make music, just to play the track, and see the reaction on the dance floor.”

The new track with Roosevelt not only worked great on the dance floor but also had a very interesting creation process from the beginning.

“I think the most difficult part was to combine both of our styles. I mean we are kind of in the same lane, his sound, and my sound. We had so many different options, demos, and approaches to work on the sound that we hadn’t found one version that everyone liked. Either it was a bit too much Roosevelt or a bit too much Purple Disco Machine. Finally, the version we have now is exactly in the middle and we are very happy with it. It’s like we said before, follow your heart.”

Tino describes his tracks as a fusion of a signature disco vibe with elements of electronica and live instrumentation and with each passing year, he incorporates more and more elements into the mix.

“Of course, I listen to the radio, of course, I listen to people, top 10s and charts and stuff. But I think the most important thing for every musician, also for me, is just to evolve your music without losing your idea or losing what you’re famous for. I think it’s important that you have an idea that you have a sound, a specific sound, and don’t change your sound every two years. For me that’s quite important, especially over the last 6-7 years, I think I got a lot better in production without losing my sound.”

Tino´s approach to this new album has been mind-blowing, opening more musicians to his sound.

“Seven years ago, I was like, no, I’m in the studio, and I work on my tracks and since COVID I’ve been more open to work with other musicians. Especially for my new album, I invited loads of musicians like bassists and guitarists to work together. We created music together and this is something I never did before, but now I feel like it’s so positive for my sound because you get another view just by having someone else sitting with me in the room.”

“I invited writers and singers to my studio, and we wrote the lyrics and melodies together. It’s an evolution. It’s not a revolution. It’s still PDM. It’s still my sound, my trademark sound. But I hopefully could, yeah, get to the next level for me production-wise. I learned a lot over the last two years working with others.”

Collaborating with other musicians and incorporating diverse elements into his music, Tino strives to maintain his signature sound while pushing the boundaries of his creativity. With a new album on the horizon and a live tour scheduled for October, Tino’s future is bright

“I’m so happy with all the tracks, and I just can’t wait now to play them out.”

In a world where music consumption often revolves around singles and playlists, Purple Disco Machine stands out as a dedicated advocate for the art of the album. His love for the cohesive narrative that albums offer resembles a captivating story unfolding throughout several tracks.

“I was always the guy who loved to listen to albums. I still listen a lot to albums. I think I listen more to albums than radio or playlists on Spotify. So, for me, a good album playing all the 14 songs in a row, it’s like a story. Every artist wants to tell a story with 14 songs in one hour.”

This sentiment of storytelling through music is deeply ingrained in Purple Disco Machine’s creative process. He approaches his craft intending to weave together a cohesive journey for his listeners, whether it’s through a meticulously curated album or a live DJ set.

“When I play big festival shows where I just play 60 minutes, then of course we prepare the set to match the show. I think my set became for the big festivals and the headline shows more like a concert, so we travel with a light guy and with a visual guy.”

For Purple Disco Machine, each performance is an opportunity to engage the audience in a carefully orchestrated experience, where lights, visuals, and music harmonize to create a multisensory spectacle. However, while he acknowledges the importance of preparation, he also values the spontaneity and adaptability that define the essence of live DJing.

“For DJ sets like the one I´m playing tonight, I know the 1st two songs and then I just go with the flow,” he shares.

“I try to read the crowd and see how the vibe is. If they want to go more 80s or classic stuff, or they want to go a bit harder. Then I’m trying to be flexible because yeah, first of all, I’m a DJ.”

This fluid approach to DJing allows Purple Disco Machine to connect with its audience on a deeper level, intuitively responding to their energy and preferences throughout the performance. Whether it’s a high-energy festival set or an intimate club gig, he thrives on the unpredictability of each crowd and embraces the challenge of crafting a memorable experience tailored to their mood.

Looking ahead, Purple Disco Machine is gearing up for an exciting chapter in his career, with a focus on both live performances and studio work. Having recently completed his album, he’s eager to share his new music with fans around the world, culminating in a live tour featuring a full band.

“We go on tour with the full band to perform the Purple Disco Machine sound live. So, we have drummers, we have guitarists, pianists, we have live singers, we have dancers. In October, we play twenty shows in one month all over Europe and yeah, this is the first time that I play a live tour with musicians and all the singers that feature on my tracks.”

With his commitment to musical storytelling and his dynamic approach to performance, Purple Disco Machine continues to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of electronic music.

Whether he’s spinning records at a festival or commanding the stage with a live band, one thing remains certain – his passion for crafting unforgettable musical experiences knows no bounds.

After sitting down with Purple Disco Machine it was time to go on to the next part of the Don Julio “Por Amor Weekender”… Food!

Before we hit the Por Amor club night, we tucked into all kinds of Mexican flavors at the W hotel. Over food, we caught up with the up-and-coming local act, Adam Nova, and the dynamic Dutch duo that would be closing the night, Dam Swindle. They shared some heartfelt truths, introspection, and a lot of laughs.


“We’ve done some snowy parties up in the mountains, but I heard the venue (Taratata) is pretty cool; A small place with low ceilings is going to give us a great vibe.”

“We spend so much time in the city playing at clubs and festivals with big crowds so every time we get to combine our music with nature, whether it’s a festival or a party up in the mountains, it’s special. It gives a different energy, plus it combines things we love.”

“We’re used to playing in dark nightclubs and play mostly in big cities. We love that– but the vibe of people on holiday can be very different, which is nice. So, we know it’s going to be a fun party where people are there to have their spirits lifted by the music.”

Understanding and vibing according to the venue and the number of people it can hold, the duo placed a big emphasis on what it means to them to be able to play in smaller venues.

“The size of a venue matters, whether you’re playing for 1000 people in a huge room, or for fewer people, like tonight. This one is going to be nice and intimate which makes the transaction of energy a lot stronger. Our favorite gigs are in small venues, just because everything is so direct. The people are there right in front of you and with that, you really get to get into the vibe together."

Playing smaller venues is something special, for Dam Swindle, the best ones are Dance Tunnel in London & Radio Radio in Amsterdam.

But Playing with Purple Disco Machine during Don Julio´s “Por Amor Weekender”, for Dam Swindle was a great fit since PDM style fits perfectly with their own.

Being so versatile with their own DJ sets, the duo feels at home when preparing a night like this one.

“We’ve never played with Purple Disco Machine before, but we know his productions - he’s like a pop star these days. He has huge collaborations, so I’m curious to see what he plays and we’ll see how we will adapt our music to what he does. We have our hot list of tracks and songs that we know have that full-on party vibe at hand. Then, if he decides to go more disco, we can do that too – we can adapt our vibe to wherever he goes.”

“We’re very versatile in our style. We like so many types of music. It’s a bit of a gift and a curse at the same time, because it can be hard to decide where to take a night, but at the same time, you’re also prepared for anything that might happen."

About going back to touring life, with gig after gig. And about being able to just be themselves and rest for a bit. Taking some time apart from each other is a routine that allows them to recharge and come in with new ideas and fresh vibes to go all out again. We ask what their immediate priority is.

“SLEEEEEP!” They chuckle. “But seriously, we’ve been busy! We run a label and we’re making an album now.”

“Last week we came back from Panama on Tuesday morning. We worked on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday too, cause we had recordings for our new album. On Thursday, we had recordings in London and yesterday we played a night show. Today we got an early flight here, so the first thing we now need is sleep. That´s key to our lives and a pretty important part of our pre-gig ritual.”

Even though Lars and Maarten have been together for about 12 years, coming together and playing a set off from each other is always a challenge, but time has allowed them to read the crowd and rapidly adjust to get in sync.

“If we’re not on the same level, it just takes a little time to get in sync. Usually, this happens within the first 15 to 20 minutes of our set but sometimes it a bit longer. It’s not just about the interaction between 1 dj and the crowd, but between us as well.It really does make a difference if you’re playing together or by yourself. But hey,. we’ve been together for 12 years so we know eachother really well.… we’re practically married by now!” They laugh. We know what we’re doing.”

Being together from the start gives you a special sense of what it means to “make it” but reflecting on their journey you can tell the guys found out it’s also important to spend time away from each other. It is nice to find time to be on their own.

“We talked about this just the other day. When we started getting our first international gigs one of them was in Germany and we had to sleep in a side room of the promoter’s house, together, on one inflatable bed that was slowly deflating during the night. It was super cold, and we ended up sleeping on the cold floor.”

“After we started to travel more, we got individual hotel rooms and that was a nice step up because when you spend as much time together as we do, you also need some time to be alone, to simply have no one around”.

Still, communication is key for them

“We talk a lot about our creative process and discussions can get really heated, but over the years we’ve learned to be open and direct. It’s never easy when you have creative differences, especially when it’s about something as personal as the music you’ve created or that you want to create. We’re also pretty specific about how we want the tiniest details to sound, but in the end we always work out a nice balance."

Continuing with the conversation, the duo agreed about their most amazing experience, a gig that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

“One of our most memorable moments was playing for the Wildeburg Festival in the Netherlands. It’s not been around for that long – but it’s quickly become iconic in the sense that it mixes arts and culture, creativity, and music so well. It’s a festival where you get lost because the whole setup is that you have no idea where you go. They want you to discover your place in it.”

The environment of Wildeburg was perfect, and Dam Swindle took charge of a slot that spanned from 6 am till noon. Creating the perfect scenario to get the party going.

"We got the people still partying from the night before and the people that went to bed and set their alarm for our show, so the crowd was an interesting mix of both. It was busy right from the first half hour. We played for six hours, and we decided to play our set in the opposite direction. We started very dark and ended up very upbeat with a lot of disco. Lars ended up on top of the table and more or less accidentally stage dived into the crowd. I was just ecstatic. There are very fun pictures from that set and even years after, people still come up to us saying how special it was for them.”

After such a great anecdote we can only be excited and eager to listen to what’s coming next, Dam Swindle´s third album.

“Right now, we’re making our third album. We’ve been working on it for the past two years, and with the recordings we’ve done in the past week and the recordings we’re doing in the next few days, we’re close to finishing it. Now it’s just mixing and deciding on the visual concept. It has been a big project for us, sort of like giving birth.” they share laughing. "We’ve recording this album with a lot of different artists from all over the world and it’s amazing to build a personal connection with all of them. It’s turning out really great and we can’t wait to share it…"

The new album reflects Dam Swindle´s evolution as producers. From their banging classic house tracks to new songs that are inspired by music away from the “dance” genres. This collection of tracks shows a lot of what the guys have been listening to for the last 2 years along with the inputs of amazing vocalists and musicians from all over the world.

But it’s not just about the music for Dam Swindle; it’s also about the adventure.

“Absolutely!" They say excitedly together.

“We’re both passionate about snow sports. It doesn’t happen that ofther tht we get to combine our love of music with activities like skiing and snowboarding. We’ll be hitting the slopes before and after our performance for sure.”

As the serene setting of Verbier inspires their music and performance style, Dam Swindle shared insights into their creative process.

“The tranquil beauty of Verbier influences our creative process. We aim to infuse our set with a sense of euphoria and adventure, mirroring the spirit of the mountains. Expect uplifting melodies and infectious rhythms that resonate with the natural surroundings,” they explained.

Balancing their professional partnership with their relationship as friends, Dam Swindle emphasized the importance of mutual respect and communication.

“It’s all about mutual respect and communication. We’ve known each other for years and share a deep bond both on and off stage. While our professional collaboration is driven by our passion for music, we also make time to nurture our friendship outside of work. It’s a delicate balance, but it’s what makes our partnership so special.”

Dam Swindle embodies the essence of true musical passion and dedication. Their journey, as shared in the article, reflects a profound connection not only to their craft but also to the environments in which they perform. Their excitement about playing the “Por Amor Weekender” is palpable, evoking a sense of adventure and joy that resonates deeply with any music enthusiast.

What stands out about Dam Swindle is their ability to adapt and thrive in various settings. From intimate venues to iconic festivals, they effortlessly tailor their sets to match the energy of the crowd, creating unforgettable experiences for their listeners. This adaptability is a testament to their versatility as artists and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional performances.

Moreover, their candid reflections on their touring life reveal a glimpse into the human side of their journey. Despite the glamorous allure of the music industry, they share moments of vulnerability and humor, from inflatable beds in promoter’s houses to accidental stage dives. These anecdotes add depth to their story, making them relatable, endearing, and loved by fans around the world.


Collaborations often spark creativity and innovation. This was precisely the case when Adam Nova teamed up with Don Julio for the unforgettable “Por Amor Weekender” by Don Julio at Verbier. The synergy was not just a mere blending of talents; it was a fusion of sounds, and experiences that left a lasting impact on both the audience and the artists involved.

Reflecting on the partnership with Don Julio, Adam Nova shared insights into how the collaboration came about and its significance. He recalled the initial contact with Don Julio, during his visit to Amsterdam for ADE.

“I was in Amsterdam for ADE and I was doing some shows there with W Hotels. I think Sebastian (Luxury Culture & Entertainment Marketing Lead for Don Julio) was already thinking about building some connection here in Verbier with other places or the local team. We sat down and thought about what we could do.”

Nova emphasized the importance of the venue selection, noting that it added an extra layer of charm to the event. While discussing the lineup, he expressed excitement about sharing the stage with renowned artists like Purple Disco Machine. His familiarity with PDM´s work and their shared musical style made the collaboration particularly enjoyable and rewarding.

“We decided that Purple Disco Machine was the way to go. It was super, super good because he fits my style. I met with Tino in the past and we worked together here in W Verbier as well so it was great to see that he would come and dance with us.”

“We had a little chat with him (Tino), and I told him how much I appreciate what he’s doing for the music industry. His work is wonderful.”

We shared some food and drinks before the show

“I liked the dinner with all of you guys. It was a good moment to get introduced to each other and of course the amazing food and drinks, I was curious to try everything hahaha.”

Adam´s creative process is driven by a passion for music and a constant pursuit of innovation. Nova spends hours exploring music online. His dedication to discovering fresh sounds and remixes ensures that his performances remain dynamic and engaging for his audience. He also acknowledged the influence of platforms like Spotify and the role they play in shaping his sets.

“I’m normally surfing on the Internet looking for the next best thing you know? Just check the new releases, promos, and everything. I spend hours digging for music. I’m also checking the Spotify playlists of the top 50s or whatever by countries and I’m always wondering what I can put into my sets from that.”

With that on his mind, Nova also acknowledges that PDM has been essential for the growth of electronic music for so many people.

“Without him, there would be much fewer choices within the genre. He’s essential on my sets and his music adds a lot to the industry. He brings back the older vibes with his sound and the soul of the music I miss from older generations with a super fresh twist to it.”

One aspect that sets Adam Nova apart is his ability to incorporate diverse influences into his sets, including Mexican vibes.

By infusing tracks with trumpets and other instruments reminiscent of Mexican culture, Nova adds a unique flavor to the event.

“I don’t think I prepare my DJ sets too much; I may just sort my music on rekordbox. I usually just see how the environment behaves and the responses from the people when I play a track. If I see they like it, I keep going that way.”

"I also wanted to dabble a bit on this Mexican style as well. Those tracks with trumpets are awesome! Sometimes I consciously put tracks in my sets, and I say, OK, so this is the vibe of the night and this is how I can add to it my stories. I try to keep my disco sound but also putting some additional elements that I feel would fit for this or that kind of event allows me to evolve and keep things fresh.”

Sharing memorable moments during Mixmag LAB Verbier.

“I think it was great to bring all these people together. The mountain was a great location. It always gives a vibe that you cannot experience anywhere else because you are almost in the middle of nowhere, you know? Here, the music is a bit spiritual as well. You can connect easier not only to the music but to the people around you in a place like this.”

Certainly, events like the “Por Amor Weekender” contribute drastically to the electronic music community and leave marks everywhere they are created. Nova, being part of this amazing experience has become a light that guides the people who build up the industry by taking that same vibe everywhere they go.

“Since I’m music director at the W in Verbier, I’m always thinking of other artists who can add to the community as well. I know for example SINEGO; someone who I´ve been working with for the past few months. He’s also a music creator and he does shows around the world playing trance and singing and he’s a fun guy. I heard about “Por Amor Weekender” and I was thinking - Oh my God this guy could be a good fit for this event - We will see more about him in the future for sure.”

When asked about his upcoming performance alongside Purple Disco Machine at Verbier, Adam’s excitement was palpable. Reflecting on his preparation for the event, he expressed his desire to remain spontaneous and true to the moment.

“I feel I could play anything... I don’t want to overthink it. I just want to go with the flow.”

This approach not only highlights Adam’s confidence in his craft but also shows the essence of DJing as an art form that thrives on improvisation and in - tuition.

Working in the vibrant yet demanding world of nightlife comes with its share of challenges, particularly in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“There are some ups and downs, I think, it depends how you can rest after that, because working in the night or just being awake in the night, it’s not. It’s a bit against nature, let’s say, our bodies are made to sleep at night and work during the daytime.”

However, he emphasized the importance of self-care and maintaining balance through activities like skiing and snowboarding during the winter season. Adam’s commitment to holistic well-being underscores the resilience required to thrive in the fast-paced realm of electronic music.

“I work at night and if I can I will rest during the day and of course here I have a lot of options to do sports. Especially during the winter season, I go skiing or snowboarding. It’s nice to have the fresh air.”

Aspiring DJs often seek guidance on navigating the complexities of the music industry. When asked about advice for aspiring artists, Adam emphasized the importance of authenticity and perseverance.

“I think because so many people are trying to have their music heard, and with this huge amount of music being released per day it’s insane. It’s not easy to get to a record label. In the past, you didn’t need to release some music to be a good DJ. You just played music because you knew what people would probably dance to. But now if you want to be well known, you need your music as well.”

"I don’t know if I’m in a position to give advice but just be true to yourself... do what you love and keep going.”

His words resonate with aspiring artists facing the daunting task of breaking into an industry inundated with talent. Adam’s journey serves as a testament to the power of passion and persistence in achieving artistic success. It also shows the significance of staying true to one’s artistic identity amidst evolving trends and influences. Embracing his love for house grooves and disco, Adam continues to carve his niche in the electronic music landscape with authenticity and flair.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Adam finds a lot of inspiration within the essence and ethos of “Por Amor” and following your heart. For him, this principle extends beyond his artistic endeavors to encompass his personal life, particularly his role as a husband and father.

Balancing the demands of a career in music with familiar responsibilities presents its share of challenges, yet Adam remains steadfast in prioritizing both.

“My family is important to me... after all, this is what matters the most.”

In addition to his musical endeavors, Adam also shares his passion for music with younger generations through teaching. His involvement in the Hungarian DJ Association reflects his dedication to nurturing emerging talents and imparting knowledge about both technical skills and musical appreciation. By sharing his expertise and experiences, Adam pays it forward, contributing to the electronic music culture.

As Adam Nova continues to ascend in the electronic music scene, his journey serves as inspiration for aspiring artists worldwide. With each collaboration, performance, and moment of introspection, he reaffirms his commitment to finding the right fit in an industry driven by trends and fleeting fame; Adam’s dedication to his craft stands as a testament to the power of passion and curatorial expertise. As he continues to follow his heart, Adam Nova’s musical journey promises to inspire and uplift audiences for years to come.


Reflecting on the remarkable experience of the “Por Amor Weekender” at the Verbier ski resort in Switzerland, it becomes abundantly clear that this event was nothing short of extraordinary.

From the moment attendees embarked on the scenic train ride from Geneva, anticipation and excitement permeated the crisp mountain air. The journey itself was a prelude to the enchantment that awaited, offering breathtaking views of the expansive lake and the idyllic countryside.

Arriving at the mountain venue, the atmosphere was incomparable as guests prepared to immerse themselves in this beautiful trip where music and nature collide. The line-up of talent was stellar, featuring the incredible Purple Disco Machine, Dam Swindle, and Adam Nova. Each artist brought their style and energy to the stage, creating an electrif - ying atmosphere that resonated with the crowd.

The magic of the “Por Amor Weekender” extended beyond the music itself. The setting provided a stunning backdrop for the festivities, enhancing the overall experience with its natural beauty and tranquility. As attendees danced, they couldn’t help but feel a deep connection to both the music and the breathtaking scenery that surrounded them, catered by a carefully curated selection of contemporary Mexican food and cocktails that transported you to Mexico with every bite and every sip.

As the weekend drew to a close, everyone found themselves reluctant to say goodbye to the unforgettable memories. The artists shared their passion, fire, and love of their craft. Because after all, if not for love, then for what?