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Techno titans Eli brown and Hi-lo unite for Dynamic two-track ep, “pyramid rave”

Available June 28 on Arcane Music

  • 28 June 2024
Techno titans Eli brown and Hi-lo unite for Dynamic two-track ep, “pyramid rave”

Today marks a monumental stride in the electronic music world as two of the scene's most revered innovators, Eli Brown and HI-LO, unveil their highly anticipated EP, “Pyramid Rave.” The duo, known individually for their trailblazing contributions, have blended their talents into a two-track masterpiece showcasing the peak of collaborative artistry and sonic exploration.

The opening track, “Feel The Energy'' plunges listeners into a realm of deep, resonant bass lines intertwined with pulsating techno beats and melodic synths. The track promises an intense yet uplifting journey, masterfully crafted to captivate and energize its audience with every beat. The EP’s title track, “Pyramid Rave,” follows, showcasing a deeper dive into the synergistic genius of Eli Brown and HI-LO. Boasting simmering harmonic scales and hypnotic rhythms, the track evokes the surreal experience of a desert rave under starlit skies, merging mystique with raw, exhilarating energy to form a unique musical expedition.

Eli Brown and HI-LO have been building anticipation for the release, tantalizing fans during their renowned back-to-back performances at leading festivals, including Ultra Music Festival in March and most recently, EDC Las Vegas. Further expanding his creative reach, Eli Brown recently launched an innovative streetwear line, 92 Thing, inspired by the vibrant '90s rave culture, providing fans a dual sensory and visual connection to his artistic vision. With a packed schedule of performances at premier festivals and venues this summer, "Pyramid Rave" is poised to become the anthem of unforgettable moments, echoing across dance floors and festival fields worldwide. The mastery of Eli Brown and HI-LO in blending potent techno rhythms with pioneering melodic structures invites listeners to lose themselves in the depths of this groundbreaking release.

Eli Brown & HI-LO - "Pyramid Rave" EP is available now on Arcane Music

Feel the energy and listen HERE.

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