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Get To Know: Human Rias

  • 16 May 2024
Get To Know: Human Rias

German-born DJ, producer and EXIT resident and A&R Human Rias has been bubbling up for time. We find out more about the man behind the music, his 7Rituals label, his creative process and more…

Hi Human! Great to have you here. How are you and how has your year been so far?

Hey Hey!, thank you for having me! I’m doing great, out of the winter mood and ready for a wild summer! This year has been amazing, a lot of studio time, and lining everything up for the summer!

Let’s jump right in! Tell us about the upcoming collaboration with FREY on your 7Rituals imprint. How did this come about?

Skuro sent us this incredible demo, Illusions. The vocal blew me away and I offered him a remix. My dear friend FREY was the perfect match for this. I showed him the vocal and he was immediately in love with it. A few sessions later, we had this incredible dance floor track.

And tell us about your imprint and the artists under the umbrella. What is the story behind the label and its inception?

7Rituals’ ethos is to always look for unique sound from amazing producers, and talented artists. There are 4 core artists at the moment that the label represents with more signed on a release by release base.

Skuro, a young and incredible producer and DJ from Parma, with his sound somewhere between melodic techno and Indie is a whole new twist in our current scene.

Senses Of Mind cover the darker more ominous sounds on the spectrum and Maltese DJ, producer and promoter Daniel Blade who balances the core with groove and a more upbeat sound.

What advice would you give to others looking to start a label. Also, what are the trials and tribulations around such a role?

When opening a label, you need to be patient, which at the same time I would say is difficult. It takes time to groove in, until all points in the system are running. It takes some time until you get seen, but it’s definitely worth it hearing all this incredible music out there. I would say the biggest trials and tribulations would be the hard choice of releasing a track or not. To stand out, or to sound different you really need to be very picky, and there is so much music I'd like to put out.

Tell us of the other collaborations and guests coming up on the label this year?

We do have a few new faces joining us in the coming months - Mike Gannu and Fat Cosmoe have an EP coming out with us, both two incredible producers and human beings. Also, power couple Deeptouch from Mexico, will premiere the first of their storytelling EPs. Talented Maltese producer Braynod, will also be releasing an EP with us in the coming weeks! I will be releasing a collaboration with Italian brother Skuro as well as 2 solo EPs in the next few months on 7Rituals.

Tell us about your process when it comes to making a track or EP. What do you do to get inspired and how do you then put it into motion?

It nearly always starts with a vocal, even if I don’t end up using it, it starts there surely. From there it’s jamming around, finding the right melody and the right groove. I don’t really plan to make a track or an EP, I work on music to process and to find my zen mode. I believe something Maceo Plex told me some years ago, good music mostly comes out of melancholy, or the process of it.

What would you say your main studio tip is for fellow producers?

Don’t force something, if you feel like you’re stuck move on to something else and revisit it at a later stage.

What does your life entail outside of the studio and the DJ booth? What else does your day to day life encompass?

I love nature and try to spend as much time as possible discovering new places and energies. And finding the balance between touring and studio time. I also love food! Cooking is like playing music to me, it’s my zen zone, and I get to express myself with tastes and beautiful dishes. It's a very calming feeling to make food.

Tell us about your relationship with EXIT festival? How did that come about and what does the brand mean to you?

EXIT festival is the home that found me. I do the A&R for our label EXIT Echosystem and am part of this incredible family. It was through a meeting in faith I would say, with my brother Sagor some years ago. We immediately clicked, exchanged and realised we are fully aligned. Back then I was the creative director of MMA Club in Munich, we threw one incredible party together with the No Sleep brand in 2019 with Amelie Lens, Farrago and Lag and the rest is history. EXIT since then turned from a festival I knew from YouTube videos, to my home and I am eternally grateful for being part of this beautiful family and am looking forward to what the future will bring.

What have been your standout EXIT highlights and what can we expect from this year's edition?

As much as I would love to tell you what is going to happen at EXIT Fest, I can’t just yet, but keep your eyes peeled on their pages for sure.

There are two different highlights for me, the one that tops them all was being able to open the dance arena on the Thursday morning of 2022 and surprisingly closing it on Monday morning, an honor that only I have had until now.
Another highlight was the feeling of stepping onto the incredible dance arena, as EXIT became the only major festival to be held in 2021. This feeling of a nearly gone out fire, being set alight and feeling my passion burn again.

Any artists you are looking forward to seeing yourself?

Barry can’t swim is a definite must see, as well Bonobo and of course the special guests yet to be announced for the Friday of EXIT.

What music do you like to listen to outside of the dance music spectrum?

I listen to everything from Rock to Punk to Hip Hop, a whole wild mix of everything, depending on my mood and vibe.

What was the last record that blew you away?

Like really really blew me away that must have been at the 2022 edition of EXIT, Maceo Plex played ‘The Real Life’ by Raven Maize, Joey Negro and Dave lee.

And finally, what can we expect from Human Rias in the not so distant future to get the fans excited?

From what I can tell you now, there is a Remix coming out from FREY and myself for our brothers Aname, we have had had the honour to remix the title track, ‘Beautiful World’ on Anjunabeats which will be dropping in June. Also, a collab with my friend X Ashes on Off World, and a massive collaboration with my brother Like Mike in October!

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