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Get To Know: Michael Canitrot

  • Laura
  • 9 January 2024
Get To Know: Michael Canitrot

What inspires your sound and what specifically influences the music you make and play out?

The inspiration behind my sound comes from a mix of elements. I find inspiration in the fusion of hypnotic melodies, orchestral atmospheres, and the energy of techno beats. My personal experiences and moments of introspection also find their way into my compositions, adding layers of emotional depth to the music I produce and perform. Drawing from my experiences with the 'Monumental Tour' project, envisioning my music in these incredible places and turning music into a visual celebration of heritage is incredibly inspiring to me, giving it an even more powerful dimension.

Tell us about the new ‘Cycle’ compilation of tracks and also the single with Roland Clark, ‘Change’

When I launched my Monumental Tour project, my music took a more visual turn, heavily influenced by the places where I perform. The 'Cycle' compilation brings together all the singles I've released since the start of this journey. Although they fall under the umbrella of melodic techno, each track carries its own distinct mood: some are cinematic, others catchy, some instrumental, some vocal, some dark, and some bright.

"Change" is the compilation's bonus track. While creating it, I pondered civilizations, searching for something humanistic and powerful. That's when I approached Roland Clark to craft the lyrics. He found the right words to talk about the changes and cycles we go through as human beings, and there's also this notion of sharing something strong together, to move forward into our future.

The Monumental tour concept, tell us where the unique idea was born from?

I've always loved visiting monuments, and I also love history and architecture. I find values that inspire me.

So it was only natural that I decided to combine my passion for music with my passion for heritage. With the Monumental Tour, I also wanted to go further than a simple concert. I wanted a mutually enriching experience where the concert contributes to heritage preservation, allowing electronic music to evolve by exploring new venues and captivating new audiences.

What has been your favourite party from the series so far?

Choosing a favorite is tough! Le Mont Saint Michel holds a special place, but performing in front of 22,000 people in Nancy in September was mind-blowing too. Every monument is so different, it’s hard to say really. It’s been great to perform in Italy & Portugal also, and get the chance to travel with this concept.

The Monumental show has most recently been performed in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, how was the experience?

It was absolutely unique, as you might imagine. Expect a huge light show on the monument, and numerous surprises and additional artists in the recording!

Depending on where you are performing, will this impact the type of set you’re likely to play?

Yes it does. For each Monumental Tour show, I always try to find something specific for the venue I perform in. For example at La Tour Eiffel, we have a text read by french actor Philippe Torreton. At the Chateau de Blois, some visuals were inspired by François 1er… Then at the opposite, if I do a DJ set, I will play clubs tracks more strictly dedicated to the dancefloor.

What else are you working on for 2024?

There will be more Monumental Tour shows in several locations and a lot of new releases !

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