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Interview: Pete Sabo

Behind SABO|TAGE in concert unveils vision for musical fusion

  • 22 March 2024
Interview: Pete Sabo

An electrifying experience awaits as the upcoming SABO|TAGE in Concert event promises to be a live extravaganza like no other. Following the resounding success of previous editions, insights were gathered from Pete Sabo, the mastermind behind the show renowned for his releases on labels like Bunny Tiger and Kittball. Discover what audiences can anticipate this time around and the dynamic fusion of classical and electronic music that defines SABO|TAGE.

Congratulations on the upcoming SABO|TAGE in Concert event on May 10th, 2024! Can you share with us what the audience can expect this time around, especially after the incredible response to the previous editions?

Thank you! I'm thrilled about the upcoming SABO|TAGE in Concert. We've taken the success and energy from previous editions and dialed it up a notch. Expect a more elaborate and larger show with captivating visuals that will immerse the audience in an unforgettable experience. We have an incredible lineup of various artists and guest musicians, including the powerful 'Hard Chor' Linz. The goal is to create a musical journey that goes beyond expectations.

Your role in SABO|TAGE seems quite dynamic. Can you tell us more about your involvement and the unique positions you take within the musical program?

Absolutely, the SABO|TAGE experience is about musical diversity and experimentation. I take on various roles within the musical program. Sometimes, I function as the mainstay, presenting my own productions and being at the forefront. Other times, I become part of a larger electronic ensemble where the real orchestra blends seamlessly into the digital soundscape. It's all about finding different expressions within the music, allowing the audience to connect with the performance on multiple levels.

How does the orchestra contribute to the overall experience, and what unique challenges and opportunities does it present?

The SABO|TAGE Orchestra is the heartbeat of the show. It adds a unique layer of musicality and diversity, blending classical and electronic elements seamlessly. The orchestra can take on various roles, acting as a supporting electronic ensemble or standing out as the primary voice in the digital soundscape. It's a delicate balance that brings a new dimension to the performance. The challenge lies in navigating between these worlds, but it's also where the magic happens. The orchestra embraces the demands of electronic music while staying true to its classical roots.

Your show achieved international fame at events like the Life Ball in Vienna and Klangwolke with over 100,000 visitors. How do these experiences shape the way you approach your performances, and what impact do they have on your creative process?

Performing at events like the Life Ball and Klangwolke has been transformative. The diverse audiences and grand scale of these events have influenced the way I approach my performances. It's about creating a universal connection through music, transcending boundaries and resonating with people from different cultures. These experiences fuel my creative process, pushing me to explore new sounds, collaborations, and visual elements that can captivate a global audience.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of SABO|TAGE, and how do you envision the evolution of the show in the coming years?

The future of SABO|TAGE holds endless possibilities. I aspire to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new collaborations, and evolving the show into uncharted territories like Ibiza for example. I want to bring the magic of SABO|TAGE to even more diverse audiences globally, creating experiences that transcend cultural and musical barriers. The evolution will be a continuous journey of experimentation and creativity, ensuring that each edition of SABO|TAGE is a unique and unforgettable sonic adventure for everyone involved.

SABO|TAGE in concert by Pete Sabo takes place at 10th may at Brucknerhaus Linz/Austria:

Pete Sabo:

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