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Introducing Haddadi von Engst

The Los Angeles based duo making waves in the electronic music scene

  • Laura
  • 26 March 2024
Introducing Haddadi von Engst

Formerly shrouded in mystery, their early releases surfaced only as enigmatic white labels, teasing listeners with untitled tracks. However, as the pandemic swept the globe, Haddadi von Engst emerged from the shadows, delivering a series of electrifying releases between 2020 and 2021.

Their formal debut came through Canadian imprint You Plus One at the close of 2020, catapulting them onto the global stage. With each release, HVE's signature sound, characterized by its depth and impact, captured the attention of both fans and industry heavyweights alike.

"I Was Blind," their inaugural offering, received a remix treatment from the esteemed Rodriguez Jr. and swiftly ascended to the third position on Beatport's Melodic House & Techno Charts. This was followed by "Run," their second release, featuring a remix by Einmusik, which soared to the number one spot on the same chart and claimed the second position on Beatport's overall Top 100 Tracks.

Now, Haddadi von Engst returns with their latest afro house single, "The BIG," accompanied by a stellar melodic techno remix from renowned german artist Mollono.Bass. Building on their previous successes, this release promises to further solidify their reputation as formidable talents within the electronic music landscape. Keep an ear to the ground for the infectious beats and innovative sounds of Haddadi von Engst.

Hadaddi von Engst:

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