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Josh Richards returns with latest single 'Metal' on Flow Music

  • Laura
  • 2 February 2024
Josh Richards returns with latest single 'Metal' on Flow Music

Josh Richards embarks on another sonic journey with Flow Music, presenting his latest creation "Metal." Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Melbourne, the young Australian, renowned for his prowess in the realm of melodic techno and house, is poised to captivate dancefloors worldwide.

Since 2022, Richards has steadily carved out a reputation, making waves with each subsequent release, including the acclaimed "Anthurium." Remaining true to his distinctive melodic and progressive aesthetic, Richards now ascends to new heights of peak-time techno with "Metal."

The track unfolds with a commanding kick seamlessly interwoven into a pulsating beat, effortlessly gliding alongside weightless melodies and expansive textures. "Metal" embodies a contemplative atmosphere and a hypnotic groove, with metallic percussion accents strategically scattered, adding a touch of enigmatic allure.

Elevating "Metal" to a new dimension is the remix by Stan Kolev. The Bulgarian artist imparts his unmistakable progressive touch, crafting a remix that is rich and undeniably intense. Once again, ethereal synthesizers and subtle melodic elements soar above a somber bassline, creating a captivating remix that amplifies the allure of "Metal."


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