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Toxic Avenger and Greg Kozo drop 'This Is What We Do' EP on Enchante

  • Laura
  • 1 February 2024
Toxic Avenger and Greg Kozo drop 'This Is What We Do' EP on Enchante

Venturing once again into the creative abyss, Greg Kozo and Toxic Avenger, have immersed themselves in the studio, crafting a mesmerizing EP set to make waves on Enchanté. With extensive backgrounds in the electronic music realm and a shared passion for analog gear, it comes as no surprise that their sonic arsenal includes a blend of modular gear, drum machines, effects units, and synthesizers.

This approach, coupled with a considerable investment of effort and resources, pays off handsomely, infusing their sound with a distinctive and captivating essence.

The freshly unveiled 'This Is What We Do' EP stands out through its intricate production style, seamlessly weaving together influences from techno, acid, synth-wave, and the broader electronic music spectrum.

Each track unveils a unique mood, oscillating between the energetic drive reminiscent of the French Revolution and the contemplative ambiance akin to a post-midnight Parisian afterhour. Throughout, the unmistakable signature sound of the duo takes center stage, evolving over the years into a definitive sonic identity that sparks unadulterated ecstasy



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