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Moritz Hofbauer releases debut album “In A Blurry World”

on Boris Brejcha’s label Fckng Serious

  • Laura
  • 13 November 2023
Moritz Hofbauer releases debut album “In A Blurry World”

With the album "In A Blurry World”, Moritz Hofbauer not only showcases his exceptional musical talent but also takes his live performance to the next level!

In November 2023, Moritz Hofbauer will release his debut album "In A Blurry World," consisting of 12 tracks ranging from Melodic House to Techno.

Since December 2020, the 25-year-old Mannheim native has been an integral part of the Fckng Serious crew, quickly evolving from a newcomer to an established musician among label peers like Boris Brejcha, Ann Clue, and Deniz Bul.

Over the past three years, Moritz made an impressive start with the Fckng Serious label. In addition to numerous releases and a remix of Boris Brejcha's legendary track "Purple Noise," Moritz Hofbauer has already performed live on international stages worldwide. He has visited more than 30 countries and over 60 cities in the last two years, presenting his live set at festivals such as "Airbeat One" in Germany and the "ARC Festival" in Chicago.

Now, Moritz Hofbauer is taking the next step:

His debut album "In a Blurry World" is set to be released on Fckng Serious in November of this year. With this musical highlight, Moritz describes the concept that the modern world is often perceived as blurry, confusing, and subjectively different. Everyone develops their own reality and integrates it into a complex and fast-paced society.

Releasing an album after three years with Fckng Serious felt like a natural progression for Moritz: "Creating an album felt like the natural next step after putting out many EPs and singles in the past years. I believe I'm now at a point where I feel confident about my sound and my music, and I'm really excited about the idea of releasing a full album. It feels like creating a big picture of my music and who I am as an artist that I can show to people."

"In A Blurry World" is an impressive debut album that introduces Moritz Hofbauer as a talented and innovative artist, reflecting his musical skills and creativity in full. The 12 unique tracks offer a blend of techno beats and melodic vocals, making the songs suitable for both the club and a deeper emotional experience. Moritz, the producer from Mannheim, says, "I made all the songs on this album during this year and the one before. For me, emotions and melodies are what truly matter in music. They're my main focus. I also really like melancholy in music."

Regarding his musical style, Moritz Hofbauer is confident that he has solidified it with this album: "While I think in the meantime I've discovered a sound that I can really identify with, it can change a bit depending on the day. The sound and mood of each song come from the time when I created it over this year and the previous one. That's something you might notice – some songs on the album might sound quite unlike what I've released before."

We at Fckng Serious are thrilled to present this unique collection of tracks that are suitable for both the club and everyday life. Get ready for an unforgettable listening experience!


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